About the

WomenWeLove Project

Our beginning points in Women We Love are the worlds we are each deeply familiar with, through families and neighborhoods and friendships and shared life experiences and combinations of these.  We begin with conversations with women we have been close to over a long stretch of time, and the stories and images, recipes and songs they’ve shared have given us additional ways to explore and understand them. Love, in these examples, is foundational to the way we interact with our participants.  It is, at any rate, an ideal we aspire to.  We are doing ethnography with and for our participants rather than about them. We aim to communicate their life experiences in such a way as to enable others—readers, academics and fellow participants—to imaginatively step into their shoes as well.

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We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission

This project is global and digital. By working with women we love to tell their life stories, we are able to create meaningful sites of recognition, honor, and passion which transgress national, generational, and patriarchal boundaries. Inspired by Tarana Burke’s Me Too movement and its digital extension as #MeToo, the Feminist Research Collective, seeks to connect women through their diverse experiences with ordinary life and its extraordinary moments.


Our Vision

The storymapping digital tool we first used to create the narratives is ArcGIS. This tool helped us locate the women whose stories we share on a global map. It is our dream that people all over will enjoy this opportunity to interview and create stories with women they love using a vast array of softwares. Join us in this effort. To find out more about how to participate, click on the Get Involved button on the ribbon at the top of the page.