Think of a woman you love and arrange with them to so some lifestory interviews.


The interviews can be done face to face or using zoom. It might also be possible to do the interviews in text form using email, for example.


Make sure you have a way to record the interview (at least the audio) so that you can focus on listening to your loved one. See the video on "Unstructured Interviewing."


Gather pictures, newspaper articles and other relevant materials to augment the interview.


Create stories, poems, collages and so forth drawing on all of the materials. See the video on "Turning the interview into stories."


Find a digital tool for creating the web-based presence of your loved one's story. We have some videos on how to use the tool we used: Storymapping.


Share your web creation with your loved one and get their feedback. Enjoy making the space something that you both feel proud of and honored through.


Send an email to frc@indiana.edu with a link to your completed webpage.